Med Line SA is a comprehensive online resource on medical and healthcare topics. The website is targetted at the South African public with the aim of making medical matters simple and easy to understand for the average person. All our content is written and/or edited by healthcare professionals in South Africa but we try our utmost to leave out the medical jargon and confusing technical details.

The Med Line SA website is solely intended to inform readers about relevant health and medical topics. We do not accept any liability for misuse of information on this website. Readers are advised to seek medical advice from their doctor or other healthcare professional.

No change in therapy should be undertaken without supervision by a medical professional. The website administrator, editor, writers and domain owners are therefore exempt from any medico-legal implications as a use or misuse of information on the Med Line SA website.

As of April 2018, Med Line SA is under the New Health umbrella of health and medical websites. New Health is a network of South African websites that works with the health care industry to deliver quality information, up-to-date news and provide advertising opportunities to businesses.

The New Health network of websites is managed by VTA Digital Solutions and is also part of the Affiliate Link group. Affiliate Link assists websites in South Africa with finding revenue streams to maintain profitable online properties. We therefore cannot be held liable for any transaction that results from an advertisement seen on this website.

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